E&P Training Courses Oil & Gas Prospect, Play & Portfolio

Master the art of prospect and play assessment in both conventional and unconventional realms. Our specialized courses, available as both In-House and Open Enrollment options, teach the concepts, procedures, and techniques needed to excel in the industry.


Courses We Offer

  • Conventional

Risk Analysis, Prospect Evaluation, and Exploration Economics

Practical exploration decision-making with real prospects and interactive exercises. (4-5 days, covers evaluation and investment analysis)

  • Unconventional

Unconventional Resource Assessment and Valuation

Technical and economic evaluation of unconventional plays with a probabilistic approach. (Includes project evaluation)

  • Conventional

Mitigating Bias, Blindness, and Illusion in E&P Decision Making

Addresses decision-making biases in E&P through practical exercises. (1-2 days, real-world data exercises)

  • Unconventional

Evaluating Shale and Tight Oil & Gas Reservoirs

Extensive introduction to unconventional reservoirs exploration and appraisal. (3-5 days, includes case studies)

  • Conventional

Play-Based Exploration: Mapping, Volumetric, and Risk Analysis

Quantitative analysis at the play level, including map generation and probability assessment. (3 days)

  • Unconventional

Play-Based Assessment of Unconventional Opportunities

Focuses on assessment of unconventional plays and initial well locations. (Seven-stage exercise in shale play)

  • Development

Project Risk, Uncertainty, and Decision Analysis

Three-day course on advanced decision analysis techniques for exploration and reservoir development projects. (Designed for engineers, planners, geoscientists, and business professionals)

  • Conventional

Prospect Resource Assessment – Applied

Three-day course for geoscientists and engineers involved in prospect assessment, covering resource calculation and chance of success. (Hands-on exercises)

  • CCS

Quantifying Risk, Uncertainty and Chance in Subsurface CO₂ Storage

Three-day course covers subsurface CO₂ storage assessment, focusing on key technical factors, case study evaluations, and a Capstone exercise to identify candidates with high commercial potential.

  • Conventional

Quantification of Geological Risk

Focuses on statistics applied to the petroleum system, EUR estimation, and chance of success. (2-3 days, includes team exercises)

  • Unconventional

Risk, Uncertainty & Economic Analysis of Oil Sands

Covers assessment methods for Oil Sands reservoirs, emphasizing profitability and uncertainty.

  • Conventional

Risk Analysis for Complex Traps

Advanced risk analysis with a focus on complex traps. (2-3 days, competency in valuation)

  • Conventional

DHI Interpretation and Prospect Risking

Explores seismic Direct Hydrocarbon Indications (DHI) theory and SAAM software. (2 days, covers risk analysis and prospect examples)

  • Conventional

Exploration Risk Analysis for Managers

A condensed prospect course for managers, illustrating industry concepts. (Accelerated format with realistic exercises)

  • Software

Software Familiarization

Half-day modules for familiarization with Rose & Associates’ software products. (Recommended for licensees and non-licensee personnel)

  • Data Analytics

Applied Statistical Modeling and Big Data Analytics

Three-day course on using statistical modeling and data analytics for insights from big data, including hands-on problem-solving. (Course materials provided)



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