Comprehensive data storage and file management for RoseRA files

Developed using Rose’s extensive expertise and industry knowledge in risk and resource assessment

Streamlined Portfolio Management

  • Easily store and manage RoseRA files with their results and metadata
  • Distinguish the latest version of prospect models
  • Report all data for simulated RoseRA inputs and calculations
  • Export to Excel for further analysis and charting


Our new StoreRA file management and data store system provides a single facility to assist companies with their RoseRA files.  All input values and simulated results for captured prospects and zones are visible in canned and custom reports.


StoreRA ensures that the latest version is always flagged so that exploration and portfolio management have access to the most current analyses from the prospect generation teams to accurately represent the current opportunity portfolio.

Investigate zone-level input parameters and calculated distribution contributing to rock volumes, oil and gas yields and resources. Quickly and easily build data analysis tables based on geographic and geologic entities or other types of metadata and export to Excel for further analysis and quality assurance.

track the life of a project

Track each prospect’s key assessment metrics as it evolves over its life from a lead to a prospect to ready-to-drill to drilled status.  Export the most-current version RoseRA files directly to PlanRA for portfolio aggregation. Data from the various RoseRA prospects are stored in a read-only SQLite data store so that resource and chance estimates are tabulated consistently at the prospect, zone and optional aggregate entity levels.

Future Integration With Rose Tools

Other Rose applications, including CarbonSureRA and PlanRA, will be integrated with StoreRA to capture and display data for analysis.

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