DHI Consortium De-Risking DHI-driven prospects

The DHI Interpretation and Risk Analysis Consortium, established in 2001, was formed to meet the industry’s need for a consistent approach to “de-risking” DHI-driven prospects. This Consortium brings together industry practitioners to enhance DHI prospect evaluation and technology, ultimately improving DHI prospect risking and valuation.

Consortium Goals

  • Address seismic amplitude anomalies and their impact on prospect assessment
  • Enhance SAAM software to analyze anomalies consistently
  • Calibrate assessments with drilling results


The Consortium has U.S. and European chapters, which both contribute to a shared SAAM prospect database. Meetings include prospect reviews, technical presentations, and discussions. In 2020, virtual webinars were introduced, continuing alongside live meetings.


Consortium Meetings

Peer Group Prospect Reviews (a unique learning experience)

  • Prospect technical presentations and discussions, followed by entry into the SAAM software, consensus on Final Pg (DHI), and finally presentation and discussion of the drilling results
  • Consortium members contribute the prospect presentations
  • Representing prospects from around the world in all AVO classes
  • Discussions and presentations on important technologies to properly risk prospects

Analysis of Our Exclusive Database

  • Reasons for success and failure
  • Detailed analysis of AVO Class 3 and 2 anomalies
  • Select studies of AVO Class 1 and 4 anomalies
  • Use SAAM prospect database to estimate a calibrated Final Pg based on a calculated probability of geological success, and DHI Index determined from observations of the seismic data on new DHI prospects
Join the consortium

Thank you to the 82 oil companies who have participated in the DHI Consortium phases over the last 20 years. Current membership is 36 companies. If your organization is interested in joining the consortium, please contact Henry Pettingill.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to join the U.S./European groups in the DHI Consortium?

Please contact us to discuss pricing of membership in the DHI Consortium. New members must purchase SAAM software (final product of the previous phase). Each phase of the consortium is 12 months on a calendar basis.

Can I purchase SAAM software separate from joining the consortium?

Yes – at a cost based on oil company annual production (or equivalent). The prospect database is not included in software sales outside the Consortium. There is no maintenance fee – SAAM maintenance and upgrades are done in the Consortium.