Software Familiarization

We offer half day modules (taught in a minimum length of a single day) to cover familiarity and informed usage all of our software products. For example, when covering our Prospect Suite of Risk Analysis software tools we introduce various modeling techniques for data analysis (via Toolbox), resource calculation techniques (via MMRA), and how to assign various amount of shared and local dependency between prospective zones and subsequent aggregation to the prospect level (via the Multi-Zone Master). This course is highly recommended for personnel of licensees, but also is open to personnel of non-licensee companies to examine the versatile potential available.

Course Information

01. Fundamentals



Resource calculation methods

Estimates & reality checks

02. Prospect Resources

Size of the container

Reservoir parameters

Yield Parameters

03. Prospect Chance

Chance (probability of success)

04. Segments & Aggregation

05. End of the Assessment

Prospect economics

Performance tracking

06. Capstone Exercise

Who Should Attend?

Geoscientists and Engineers involved in prospect assessment.

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