Addressing the challenges of Carbon Management

Rose provides risk analysis training, tools and consulting to address the challenges of Carbon Management.

01 Training

Three-day Course/Workshop “Quantifying Risk, Uncertainty and Chance in Subsurface CO₂ Storage”

Key technical aspects, case studies, and capstone exercise

02 Software

Volumetrics, Economics, and Risking Tools

RoseRA: Computes the potential range of CO₂ storage volume and mass for six different injection reservoir types. Resources for various types of subsurface storage reservoirs
ProjectRA: Quantifies the size of the prize, chance of attaining it, and capital exposed associated with CO₂ storage projects
PortfolioRA: Captures and aggregates the potential production, costs, value and now the CO₂ emissions and storage potential for all projects in the portfolio
CCS Risking: Quantifies future subsurface risk using potential events processing

03 Consulting

Advising Companies and Promoting Industry Interaction

Carbon Management Network: an industry-wide platform for sustained collaboration and integration
Workshops for project developers focused on addressing CO₂ storage uncertainties and risks
Recommendations regarding project staging (exploration, appraisal, piloting, development)
Application of the Storage Resources Management System (SRMS)
Support assurance teams in assessing geological storage projects


Roundtable discussions and workshops with CCS project developers.


• Key uncertainties and risks, risk methodologies, multi-disciplinary approaches

Learn About Assurance

Thought Leadership

Papers published and/or presented at conferences

• Presentations on Risk Assessment (2022) and Storage Efficiencies (2023) at the Houston CCS conferences (AAPG)

• Article titled Subsurface CO₂ storage –Learning from Past Projects for Better Risk Assessments in GeoExpro (2022)

• Article (in press) titled Long Term Risk Assessment of Subsurface Carbon Storage for a Geological Society of London memoir