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Through several initiatives, Rose has extended several of its software tools to model various aspects of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects. These tools include: RoseRA–our premier prospect evaluation software, ProjectRA–for modeling production, costs and economic metrics of oil, gas, and CCS projects; and PortfolioRA-for aggregating portfolios of multiple O&G prospects with their estimated CO₂ emissions from commercial production and any offsetting injected CO₂ from sequestration reservoir prospects.

Multiple reservoir types can be modeled for CCS storage


RoseRA focuses on Geological Carbon Storage (GCS, a synonym for CCS) and now supports the modeling of CO₂ storage for six different reservoir types.


For each reservoir type, the appropriate parameters are modeled to calculate the CO₂ storage yield. When combined with the rock volume, RoseRA calculates the potential range of injected/sequestered CO₂. Tornado charts, tabular data outputs for all inputs/outputs, dashboards, and trial-level results are presented to the user to facilitate rapid QC and further interrogation.

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Single trial showing modeled P50 injected mass/volume and injector well count honoring 100K MCF/d CO2 Processing Constraint


ProjectRA now models the economics associated with carbon storage projects. Probabilistic ranges of sequestered CO₂ injection rates and total stored carbon mass can be modeled. Carbon storage credit value is offset against well costs, non-well capex and opex (including monitoring costs) to provide full-cycle project economics and storage potential. Model possible CO₂ leaks and the costs for remedying. Alternate scenarios can evaluate different processing and facility sizes to honor budgetary constraints and maximize returns.

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Dashboard Results for a Mixed O&G and CCS Portfolio


PortfolioRA can optionally model the potential range of Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions Intensity (EI) associated with the portfolio’s commercial oil and gas discoveries. CCS storage mass and chance can be imported into PortfolioRA directly from RoseRA. Model the potential sequestered CCS mass and credits to calculate the NPV of injected carbon for individual prospects and portfolios. Sequestered CO₂ offsets O&G CO₂ emissions to represent the Net CO₂ Emissions for the portfolio.


Use PortfolioRA to compare and rank alternate portfolios of available prospect opportunities based on many criteria including value, emissions, and CCS.


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