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Rose personnel are some of the best in the business. All of our instructors/consultants have served for decades as explorers, developers, risk team members, portfolio planners, and decision makers. We have been able to compile what no other service company can: a collection of global experts in play, prospect, and development analyses who are superb listeners and communicators.

Meet Our Team


Peter Carragher

Peter Carragher, Managing Partner at Rose & Associates, LLP, has been involved in oil and gas exploration since 1974 (after receiving his B.S. degree in Geology from King’s College London and joining Amoco). He has evaluated and drilled prospects in most of the world’s oil and gas provinces. Since 1990, he has been involved in developing and applying exploration risk assessment techniques and portfolio management processes.

From 1989 to 1994, Carragher served as Manager of Amoco’s Basin Analysis Group for Worldwide New Ventures and was then promoted to lead Amoco’s Prospect Quality Team from 1994 until 1997, an effort directly responsible for creating value for Amoco’s Worldwide Exploration effort. He then served for two years as Manager, Upstream Portfolio Analysis for Amoco immediately prior to the merger with BP. In 2003, BP named him as Head of Discipline for Worldwide Exploration, and later named him VP of Geoscience and Exploration, helping assess new resources and identifying new areas of exploration potential.

He has extensive experience in designing exploration strategy, process, and organization capability that has proven to lead to improved business performance. He also is a leader in helping companies liaise more effectively with seismic acquisition vendors at the portfolio level to best leverage a company’s exploration budget.

David M. Cook, Jr.

David M. Cook, Jr. (BS, Geophysics, Texas A&M University) is an explorationist who served in a variety of interpretation, supervisory, planning, and exploration consulting positions during a 22-year career with Mobil and ExxonMobil. In 1991, he performed Mobil Exploration’s first statistical audit of pre-/post-drill results recommending strategy improvements in process and risk assessment methodology. He assumed management of Mobil’s prospect inventory in 1992, formalized performance reviews, and captured technical “Lessons Learned” for all wildcats.

In 1994, Mr. Cook developed and implemented a globally standardized methodology for pre-drill reserves estimation based on lognormality and reality checking. He organized Mobil’s “Risk/Volumes Network” to ensure consistent reserves and chance of success estimation. During his last assignment, he advised Management on decision analysis techniques, consulted on exploration risk analysis and economics, and transformed Mobil’s prospect inventory into a knowledge management tool, facilitating integrated strategic planning and broader, accelerated global technical learning. He also assisted in development of Mobil’s play/concession portfolio modeling process, provided portfolio rankings based on multi-attribute utility theory, and consulted with Mobil’s worldwide teams on process implementation.

Since joining Rose & Associates, Mr. Cook has conducted resource / risk analysis training and consulted on application of risk processes to specific prospects and geologic plays to E&P clients around the world working in diverse petroleum systems such as Offshore Canada, Gulf of Mexico, Rocky Mountains, Central and South America, Cambodia and Mozambique. Additionally he has developed new courses and updated the firm’s training manuals and presentations.

Since 2004, Mr. Cook has managed R&A’s software subsidiary, Lognormal Solutions Inc., successfully re-developing existing software programs including the Prospect Risk Analysis Suite’s three tools – MMRA, Toolbox and Multi-Zone Master – plus the Portfolio Risk Analysis (PortfolioRA), Risk Essentials and Portfolio Essentials software. Two new software programs have been developed and delivered including the UnConventional Resource Analysis (UCRA) tool for improved probabilistic modeling of low permeability resource play volumes, production, capex/opex spending, cash flow and economic metrics along with the Risk Analysis Portfolio Tracker (RAPT) database, R&A’s performance tracking tool, to allow pre-drill & post-drill resource analysis comparison and provide lessons to facilitate subsequent improvement in resource and chance predictions.

Mr. Cook is a Partner with Rose & Associates, LLP (R&A) and Manager of Lognormal Solutions, Inc. (LSi), the software company of Rose & Associates, LLP.

James (Jim) Gouveia

ames (Jim) Gouveia, P.Eng. (BaSc, Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto) is a registered Professional Engineer with a diverse technical, business, and operations background in the petroleum industry. He joined Rose & Associates, LLP in March 2002 after 21 years with Amoco and BP Energy. Mr. Gouveia has worked in a variety of technical and managerial assignments in subsurface production and reservoir engineering, strategic and business process planning, and portfolio and risk management. Prior to BP’s acquisition of Amoco in 1999, Mr. Gouveia was Director of Risk Management for the Amoco Energy Group of North America. In this role, he was accountable for assurance of consistent project evaluation of all major capital projects. In his last roles, Mr. Gouveia led and managed BP’s strategic initiative into unconventional gas resources in Western Canada. With BP, he was a member of several task forces including a world-wide task force focused on growth initiatives in mature basins and developing a portfolio management process for BP’s North American unconventional gas assets. Mr. Gouveia has been a key author in the development of Rose & Associates courses on the assessment of Unconventional resource plays. He has consulted with firms in North America, South America, S.E. Asia and Australia on the resource, reserve and economic evaluation of their Unconventional assets.

Mr. Gouveia was selected to be a Distinguished Lecturer with the Society of Petroleum Engineers for the 2016/2017 session. His talk is titled, “Fooled by Randomness: Making Better Business Decisions with Limited Data Sets.” During his service at Rose & Associates, Jim has provided critical technical advice, consulting and training to a global set of clients from North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Recent engagements include assignments with Chevron, Chesapeake, ConocoPhillips, SWN, PTTEP and Repsol. Jim’s expertise covers all aspects of oil and gas production, ranging from conventional and tight gas fields to heavy oil to unconventional oil and gas. He is the lead developer and custodian of R&A’s “Unconventional Resource Assessment and Valuation” course, a unique offering focused on practical decision making in unconventional resource project. He regularly presents technical talks at the SPEE annual meetings and local SPE, SPEE Chapters. Mr. Gouveia was a contributing author to the SPEE’s 2011 Monograph 3, “Guidelines for the practical evaluation of undeveloped reserves in Resource plays”, and SPE 175527, 175888, and 121525. Mr. Gouveia is a partner in Rose & Associates, LLP and a member of APEGA, SPE, SPEE and AAPG.

Creties Jenkins

Creties D. Jenkins (BSc, Geological Engineering and MSc, Geology, South Dakota School of Mines) is a registered professional geoscientist and engineer in Texas.

He joined Rose & Associates, LLP in February 2013 after 26 years with Tenneco Oil, ARCO, and DeGolyer & MacNaughton. Creties has conducted integrated studies, technical reviews, development planning and resource assessment work for dozens of companies around the world.

Creties specializes in the characterization of unconventional reservoirs (shales, tight sandstones, tight carbonates and coals) and has conducted 100+ industry courses and workshops over the past 15 years focused on the exploration, appraisal, and development of unconventionals.
Creties is also the co-developer of a new course called “Quantifying Risk, Uncertainty and Chance in CO2 Storage”, and is working with colleagues to build a comprehensive risking tool for CCUS projects. He has served as a technical editor, distinguished lecturer, and distinguished author for SPE and is a recipient of AAPG’S Distinguished Service Award.

Bryce V. Kalynchuk

Bryce V. Kalynchuk, P.Eng., is a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience. He is an accomplished leader and held management positions in his roles at Apache and ExxonMobil, Mobil Oil, and Imperial Oil.

Bryce successfully led the merger of BP Canada into Apache Canada post-acquisition and re-balanced Canada’s Portfolio to focus on liquids, increasing profits. He led the Net Asset Valuation initiative to quantify resource potential. Bryce built rapport with energy regulators resulting in resolution of compliance issues. Bryce held authority for financial and business affairs and was responsible for reservoir engineering, capital allocation, planning and regulatory.

He has strong technical fundamentals in reservoir engineering and production engineering management. Bryce engaged engineering teams to develop business software solutions improving employee efficiency.

He holds a B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta and completed Thunderbird’s Advanced Management Program for Oil & Gas Industry Executives. He is a responsible member of APEGA registered in the Province of Alberta. Bryce is a Partner with Rose & Associates, LLP.

Mark A. McLane

Mark A. McLane is a Partner in the international consulting firm of Rose & Associates, LLP.

He has a diverse technical and business background spanning more than 25 years in the petroleum industry. He joined Rose & Associates in January 2000 after three years with Pioneer Natural Resources and 17 Years with Exxon Company, U.S.A. He has co-authored several technical papers, served on the Professional Ethics/Registration Panel at the 2003 SPE ATCE in Denver, Colorado, and was a Distinguished Lecturer of the Society of Petroleum Engineers on the topic of “Reserve Overbooking – An Issue of Professional Ethics” in 2004 and 2005. He has taught courses for the SPE, AAPG, EAGE, and the Houston Geological Society.

He holds a BSc with Honors in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.

Pieter Pestman

Pieter J. Pestman (MSc, Utrecht University, the Netherlands) is a geologist with over 30 years of experience in the upstream petroleum sector. He joined Rose & Associates in March 2021.

After working as a sedimentologist and sedimentary petrographer in the UK and the Netherlands, he moved in 1993 to Venezuela where he joined Maraven (subsidiary of PDVSA), and subsequently Teikoku Oil. In Venezuela he occupied positions as exploration geologist, production geologist, G&G manager, and New Ventures manager. In 2007 he joined Repsol Exploración in Spain, as clastic sedimentologist and subsequently as exploration geologist (Norway).

From 2013 he was a member of assurance teams, becoming an in-house expert on prospect volumetrics. He has been calculating and validating prospective and contingent resources worldwide, and also carried out performance tracking. He was responsible for the internal procedure for the calculation of prospective resources, and prepared and delivered several in-house training courses on volumetrics and risking. He has worked on projects worldwide, most recently in Latin America, the Gulf of Mexico (both US and Mexico), Norway, the Russian Federation, and Indonesia.

In 2020, he left Repsol to become an independent consultant, providing consultancy and training in prospect assessment, volumetrics, and risking. This includes the calculation of prospective storage resources for geological CO2 storage projects, and their risking.

Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider P.Eng. (BS Chemical Engineering, BS Natural Gas Engineering, MS Petroleum Engineering) is a registered Professional Engineer with a diverse technical and business background. During a career of over 35 years, he has lived and worked in North America, Europe, and Asia. He joined Rose & Associates, LLP (R&A) in 2010. He started his career in 1981 with Energy Reserves Group (now BHP Billiton) and was a member of BHP’s first Deepwater Group in 1993 when he decided to start an international career with Maxus Energy (now Repsol) in Indonesia.

In 1997, Maxus set up a systematic risk analysis procedure worldwide and he was an original member of the “Risk Normalization Team,” which was responsible for normalizing prospect risking across all business units. Ever since, he has been a champion and mentor of systematic risk analysis and uncertainty quantification. In 2002, he transferred to Madrid where he took on a variety of challenging technical and managerial roles. Prior to his last position with Repsol as the Director Corporate Reserves, he was part of a QA/QC team that monitored all significant worldwide development projects in the upstream business units.

In 2007, he decided to return to Asia and joined CNOOC in Jakarta. In his last role as Manager of Technical Coordination, his responsibilities included New Ventures, Business Development, Joint Ventures, and internal quality control for prospect generation. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated the ability to guide and influence multi-discipline, multi-cultural teams and to complete multiple tasks on schedule; as well as the ability to communicate clearly and effectively across multiple vertical layers within a large organization.

Since joining R&A, he has traveled around the world teaching risk analysis courses and consulting on a wide range of projects ranging from implementing corporate-wide systematic risk analysis processes for the exploration department of a large integrated company to assisting technical teams on individual prospect evaluations. He has also contributed to the technical enhancement of the software programs that are marketed through R&A’s software subsidiary, Lognormal Solutions Inc.

In 2002, he received the SPE Asia-Pacific Regional Service Award. He has served on many local, regional, and international committees with SPE, AAPG and EAGE. He served three year terms on both the SPE Formation Evaluation Award Committee and Reservoir Description and Dynamics Awards Committee. He was co-chairman on the SPE Asia-Pacific Forum on Stacked, Compartmentalized Reservoirs in Thailand and a steering committee member on the SPE Applied Technology Workshop on Probabilistic Methods in Japan. He is currently a member of AAPG’s Visiting Geoscientist Program. He has co-authored papers published by the SPE, SEG, and IPA. Mark is a Partner with Rose & Associates, LLP.

Douglas (Doug) Weaver

Douglas (Doug) R. Weaver (BS Civil Engineering, University of Illinois) is a registered professional engineer with 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. He recently completed a distinguished 39 career with Chevron and Texaco, spending the last 20 years in exploration.

The early part of Doug’s career focused on the US Gulf Coast, working in a variety of petroleum engineering positions onshore and offshore. He moved into exploration in 1995, soon becoming the Team Lead for Southeast Louisiana exploration. Later moving to the Deepwater East Exploration team Doug was responsible for predrill resource and economic evaluations. This team was successful in several Deepwater discoveries, most notably Blind Faith and Tahiti. At the Chevron-Texaco merger, Doug was selected as the initial engineer for the Exploration Review Team, a comprehensive review group charged with establishing consistent risk and resource estimates on Chevron’s worldwide exploration portfolio. This team’s effort helped lead Chevron to industry leading exploration performance post-merger. While a member of the review team Doug developed the basis for Chevron’s web-based risk and volumetric tool.

Doug completed his career as Chevron’s Commercial Manager, Global Exploration New Ventures. During this time Doug led the evaluation of oil and gas opportunities worldwide in both proven and undrilled basins. Notably, his team led the Chevron effort for international unconventional opportunities, initiating assisting with the execution of projects in Eastern Europe, Australia and Asia. In conjunction with this effort, Doug developed the Chevron tool for resource evaluation in unconventional projects. He helped lead the Chevron play risk effort, generating shared risk level evaluations and resource estimates across hundreds of plays worldwide.

Doug has taught several risk and resource assessment courses at Chevron and routinely presented papers at internal forums. He has co-authored work presented to OTC, AAPG and the 2016 Geostatistical Congress.

VP, Client Solutions

Phil Conway

Phil Conway joined Rose & Associates, LLP in January 2014 as VP of Client Solutions. He has demonstrated strong technical knowledge in a wide range of exploration disciplines, including seismic interpretation, reservoir modeling, prospect and play assessment and valuation, and data management. He received his B.Sc. with Honors in Geology from the University of Liverpool in 1988. He began his career with Chevron as an explorer and has distinguished himself as one who rapidly grasps customer expectations and regularly exceeds them. He has demonstrated that quality with Cogniseis, Schlumberger, GeoKnowledge (as Director of Americas) and most recently as COO at Platte River Associates. Phil focuses on our software business, Lognormal Solutions LLC.

Principal Consultants

Dewayne Bagley

Dewayne Bagley is an Associate with Lognormal Solutions, Inc. (LSi), the software company owned by Rose & Associates, LLP. He worked in the regional and corporate exploration teams at SM Energy as a Reservoir Engineer for three years, leading the teams in the economic and risk analysis of unconventional prospects.

For the past twelve years, he has developed software solutions for a variety of industries with a particular focus on Excel programming. For the last two years, he has developed the UCRA v2 with its migration from a formula-based workbook to its advanced VBA functionality.

He has a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Marc Bond

Marc Bond (B.S. Geology, University of California at Santa Cruz, 1977; MSc, Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines, 1981) is a geoscientist with over 40 years of petroleum industry experience. Marc joined Rose in November 2014. Previously he held a variety of management and interpretation roles in both the international and domestic arenas with BG Group and Tenneco Oil. His most recent position was Chief Geophysicist, accountable for delivery of effective performance and technical quality in the Geophysics function. Prior to that he was the Subsurface Assurance Manager for 6 years, responsible for the company-wide subsurface assurance for all projects, including Exploration, Appraisal and Development ventures and conventional and unconventional resources. Marc created, designed and implemented this new assurance process, ensuring consistency, objectivity, and best practice of geologic resource and chance assessments of subsurface opportunities. Along with Gary Citron, Marc was instrumental in organizing and maintaining the Risk Coordinators workshop and network to share and compare best practices within the industry. He has worked on several international projects, with substantial experience in Bolivia sub-Andes where he was the Exploration Manager and lead subsurface interpreter. He has significant experience in compressional, difficult terrain seismic interpretation. Other experience includes exploration and appraisal in the North Sea, North and West Africa, Italy and the Rocky Mountains.

Gary P. Citron

Gary P. Citron (BS, Geology, State University of New York at Buffalo; MS & PhD in Geology, Cornell University)

During his twenty-year career at Amoco (in the 1980s and 1990s), he served as a geoscientist, exploration supervisor, and asset manager, as well as an internal consultant to executives and team leaders. While at Amoco’s Prospect Quality Team, Dr. Citron actively reviewed prospects prior to and after drilling, and mentored younger geoscientists on prospect measurement. These later assignments at Amoco served him well for his transition to consulting and teaching to the industry.

In February 1999, Dr. Citron joined Rose’s consulting firm, which focused on the field of prospect and play risk analysis. He became the first Partner in Rose & Associates, LLP in 2001 and assumed the role of Managing Partner from 2003 to May 2014, leading Rose & Associates to multiple consecutive years of profitable growth.

Dr. Citron has developed expertise in consensus building in prospect risk assessments and performance tracking of operational activity. In addition to his teaching and consulting obligations associated with conventional and unconventional resource opportunities, he coordinates a yearly gathering of risk team coordinators to share and compare best practices. He also helps companies benchmark their predictive performance against companies in their peer group. In 1999, he was selected by the AAPG to serve in their Visiting Geologist Program. In 2001, he received the best paper award from the AAPG’s Division of Professional Affairs, and again in 2007 he was honored for delivering a ‘Top Ten Oral Presentation’ at the AAPG annual convention in Long Beach.

Dr. Citron regularly donates his time to the AAPG for its education curricula, teaching courses on prospect, play, and shale analysis. He has served in the AAPG House of Delegates and in the SPE as an Associate Editor for the Economics and Management journal (SPEEM). He is a Texas state certified and licensed Geologist who has authored or co-authored more than a dozen publications, and has been an invited and honored speaker for the SIPES, Geological Society of London, AAPG, SPE, and SEG.

Kellam Colquitt

Kellam Colquitt (BS Geology, Texas A&M University) is a successful exploration and development geologist with extensive experience both domestically and internationally. His 45-year career has included officer and senior management positions at large public and private oil and gas exploration and production companies. In those positions, he was responsible for directing and overseeing domestic exploration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, West Texas, South Louisiana, the mid-continent and New Mexico.

Internationally, he has worked extensively in many of the South American basins, particularly those in Argentina. Other international experience he has includes exploration in the North Sea and West Africa as well as the Po Valley in Italy. Before joining Rose & Associates in 2009, he served as the Chief Operating Officer for Reef Exploration, L.P. in Richardson, TX. Previously he served as the Vice President of Exploration for Vintage Petroleum, Inc. in Tulsa, OK and earlier was Vice President of North American Operations for Ranger Oil Limited in Houston and Calgary. Beginning in 2003 until Vintage’s sale to Occidental Petroleum in 2006, he focused on new, unconventional resource plays in Texas, Kentucky, New York, and Alabama.

Earlier in his career, he was Exploration Manager for Santa Fe Minerals, Inc in Dallas, TX and an exploration and development geologist for Placid Oil Company in Dallas. In 1995, he began introducing and championing the Rose & Associates, LLP methodology in the companies he served and has utilized their techniques for prospect analysis and resource size estimation for many years on prospects in multiple basins throughout the world.

Mark Golborne

Mark Golborne (BSc Geophysical Science, Southampton University) possesses diverse global upstream experience after over 33 years in Exploration and Appraisal.

Mark started his career in the North Sea in 1981 with the British National Oil Corporation, later privatized to Britoil. He subsequently joined ARCO working S. E. Asia and Latin America basins culminating in a VP Subsurface role in Indonesia, one of ARCO’s main profit centers. BP ultimately purchased ARCO and Mark moved to BP exploration leadership roles in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater and Shelf, and Caribbean before moving to the Middle East as VP Exploration Middle East and Country Manager Jordan.

Mark has a track record of strong technical and multidisciplinary team leadership across acreage capture, exploration, appraisal and front-end delivery of development in oil, gas and unconventionals. He has varied experience in exploration strategy, cost management organizational re-engineering, negotiations, HSE and crisis management. Mark has spent much of his career overseas, successfully working across varied cultures. He is recognized for his ability to manage business and relationship complexity and for mentoring and coaching younger staff. Most recently Mark worked the Permian Basin, onshore USA. Mark was a member of the BP Worldwide Exploration Forum and a BP Group Leader. He is a past Chairman of the Indonesian Petroleum Association Annual Convention, and a member of the SEG and AAPG.

Paul Haryott

Paul Haryott has an extensive global background in oil and gas exploration that stretches over the 40 years since he began his career in 1977 in the UK North Sea. Paul holds a BSc in Geology from Liverpool University and a MSc in Petroleum Exploration Studies from Aberdeen University)

Through his subsequent international assignments, he has gained both extensive regional knowledge and commercial understanding of the world’s major petroleum systems He has participated in numerous drilling campaigns that evaluated these basins. Paul is highly skilled in project and team management, and in executing exploration programs in diverse locations.

Paul led Texaco’s Global Review Team commencing in 1999, gaining an in-depth knowledge of managing a major oil company’s exploration risk and uncertainty assessment program. This industry-leading program was subsequently successfully integrated into Chevron in 2001 following the merger of the two companies.

As a senior executive and member of senior management in major oil companies, Paul has considerable experience in the development of exploration strategies, portfolio management, budgetary management, organizational design, and technology alignment that have been associated with considerable business success. Extensively globally networked, he has a special interest in new opportunity development and assessment, both technically and commercially.

He has authored and co-authored numerous publications that include risk and uncertainty insights, and is a member of the AAPG and a Fellow of the Geological Society of Great Britain.

Roger Holeywell

Roger Holeywell has worked in the petroleum industry since the 1960s and has held positions with Diamond Shamrock (Amarillo & Houston), Texas Oil & Gas (Shreveport & Dallas), and Marathon Oil (Houston). During his career he has worked as Senior Exploration Geologist, Exploration Manager, Mapping & Database Supervisor, Corporate Exploration Coordinator, and GIS Manager, among others. He recently retired from Marathon after 37 years of service, having most recently held the position of Geoscience Data Manager.

Roger has degrees in Geology from Texas A&M University (BS) and Brown University (MS), and later in his career returned to school to earn a Master’s Degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Since the early 1990s, Roger has worked in the field of risk analysis and was instrumental in collaborating with Pete Rose to establish the original partnership between R&A and Marathon for software development and marketing. Roger recently celebrated his 20th year as a freelance software developer for R&A. His software projects include MMRA, Portfolio Essentials, Risk Essentials, Multi-zone Master, PlayRA, and Portfolio Rollup. He has also been involved in R&A’s DHI Consortium since its inception 15 years ago and is the author of the Consortium’s primary software tool, SAAM.

Mark Olson

Mark Olson (BS and Msc, Degrees in Geology from the University of Wyoming) has over 25 years of experience in technical and leadership positions in Development, Exploration and Technology groups.

Mark began his career as a Clastic Stratigraphic specialist in Upstream Technology of Phillips Petroleum/ConocoPhillips and then moved into several technical and leadership positions globally in Development and Exploration before returning to the technology organization as Manager of the Sedimentology & Stratigraphy Group. He moved to Apache Corporation in 2015 as the Geological Manager for Exploration & Production Technology before becoming Suriname Geoscience Lead on the exploration phase that led to numerous discoveries. Mark then became Director of Geology where he was responsible for the organizational structure, training, career development and technical assurance for all geologists in Development and Exploration worldwide.

Throughout his career, Mark has developed a broad range of experience in the integrated evaluation of conventional and unconventional reservoirs from Basin Analysis to Reservoir Characterization in numerous basins and depositional systems worldwide (onshore, offshore, high temperature/high pressure, tight gas, heavy oil). He has led classroom & field-based training in subsurface characterization for > 500 geoscientists/engineers and defined competencies and training curriculum for geoscience career development. His varied technical and training expertise led him to join Rose in 2023.

Henry S. Pettingill

Henry S. Pettingill is a Petroleum Geologist and Exploration Manager who has been in the oil and gas industry since 1983. He joined Rose and Associates in 2018 after 16 years with Noble Energy Inc., where he finished his career as Chief Geoscientist. Prior to that, he served as Director of Business Innovation from 2013-2015, and as Director of Exploration Technology from 2002-2013. His responsibilities included overseeing the Global Exploration Portfolio, Risk Analysis, Geoscience Technology, and Staff Development. Prior to joining Noble, he held various technical and managerial positions within Repsol and Royal Dutch/Shell. His assignments have focused on Deepwater Exploration and Appraisal, International Exploration/New Ventures, Exploration Risk Analysis, and Portfolio Management. He has taught classes in Exploration Risk Analysis at the University of Oklahoma, the Nautilus Geosciences Training Alliance, and the Instituto Superior de la Energía (Madrid), and teaches Deep Water Clastics in the Spanish Pyrenees. In 2017, he was recognized by AAPG as one of the industry’s “100 Explorationists Who Made a Difference”.

Mr. Pettingill holds a BA degree from the University of Rochester and an MSc degree from Virginia Tech (USA). He also completed the Executive Management Program at INSEAD Euroforum (Spain). He is an AAPG Certified Petroleum Geologist, Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists Licensed Geologist, and an active member of AAPG, PESGB, SEG, and SPE. He is a Trustee Associate of the SEG and AAPG Foundations. Petingill is chairman of Rose & Associates’ DHI Consortium.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith works with Lognormal Solutions, LLC (LS), the software company owned by Rose. He has been passionate about computers and software ever since loading up Oregon Trail on an Apple II. Years later, after graduating from Wayne State University with a BS in Computer Science, he worked in a variety of industries gaining experience developing software, administrating databases, managing servers, implementing new systems and even offering technical customer support before starting his freelancing business in 2015.

Which such a breadth of knowledge, he was the perfect fit in 2018 to redevelop the VBA tool MMRA into what has become RoseRA.

When he’s not knee deep in C#, he enjoys fixing up his old Volvos, riding his bicycles at a gentlemanly pace and reading books while trying not to be that guy that is always talking about the book he just read.


Islam Hamed

Islam serves as Rose’s business agent in the United Arab Emirates.

Liu (Sharon) Mingfang

Liu Mingfang has an English and foreign trade education background and for the past 10 years has worked with the Chinese national oil companies and in-country oil and gas companies selling software and seismic data. Liu has a team of geologists that work with her to promote and utilize the Player software to help Chinese companies maximize their exploration success, both conventional and unconventional.

Rocky Roden

Rocky Roden has been successful in managing and administering programs and technical staffs in exploration and development, domestically and worldwide, for the past 30 years He is a proven oil finder with extensive knowledge of modern geoscience technical approaches (past Chairman – The Leading Edge Editorial Board). He has worked with Texaco, Decca Survey, Pogo, and Maxus Energy, and was Chief Geophysicist with Repsol-YPF. Rocky currently consults with Seismic Micro- Technology as Chief Consulting Geoscientist, is a principal in the DHI Risk Analysis Consortium, and consults with several oil companies on technical and prospect evaluation issues. He has a MS degree in Geological and Geophysical Oceanography from Texas A&M University.


Leigh Crenshaw

As Controller, Leigh Crenshaw has been at Rose longer than anyone else, since the days Pete Rose himself ran the company. Leigh enjoys spending time in the Texas Hill Country with her family, and tries her best to keep her pets out of mischief while on Teams calls with her coworkers.

Lisa Ward

Lisa Ward has served Rose as Business Operations Manager since August 2010. She enjoys spending time with her family, whether they’re exploring the mountains near their home in northern Utah, collecting vinyl records, playing pickleball, or rooting for BYU sports teams.

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