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Build resource and chance assessments, from simple single zone to complex opportunities with multiple zones in stratigraphic levels, fault blocks, and wells. Harness Rose’s expertise in uncertainty and risk analysis, seamlessly embedded in the RoseRA tool.

Key Advantages

Assess multiple zones using different volumetric methods in a single prospect analysis.

Efficient Workflows and Enhanced Visualization


  • ‘Card-style interface’ allows multiple zones to be assessed and aggregated in a single file
  • Intuitive guided workflow ensures Day-1 operations
  • Intermediate simulation displays and tables ensure inputs can be reality checked
  • Results are clearly presented in both tabular outputs and customizable chart dashboards
  • Intuitively model any chance dependencies between zones and communicate the impact on the chance of success and aggregate resources
  • Customizable to implement corporate best practices and ensure consistency

Select from a multitude of input distributions, apply correlations and graphically QC input distributions.

Realistic and unbiased pre-drill estimates


RoseRA provides instant feedback to users when creating distributions, ensuring that the extreme ends (P99 and P01) can be reality checked. Competing tools make this cumbersome, resulting in the user skipping this crucial step which can lead to unrealistic and biased pre-drill estimates. Your company can define the distribution shapes and correlations available for specific input parameters.

Bar-Line Chart Analysis of Two Zones Comparing Resource Percentiles and Probability of Exceeding.



RoseRA provides a comprehensive set of outputs including a dashboard of standard charts showing prospect assessment results, user defined charts, easy to read tabulated input and output distributions, full access to all the trial data with powerful filtering tools, and the ability to export all tables to external workbooks for use with data visualization and other analytical tools.


Unlocking Insights

Tornado Charts revealing key factors impacting resource uncertainty.


Efficient Trial Filtering for In-Depth Analysis

Unveiling key percentile contributors for investigation, planning, and economics.


Maximize Commercial Success

Use the Pwell function to assess chance of success and resources, mitigate risk, and optimize downdip well location.



Chance dependency can be modeled between multiple zones either at the prospect or chance component level. The insightful charts and tabular outputs clearly communicate the geologic relationships between multiple zones and their effect on the aggregate chance of success and resources.



RoseRA includes a Corporate Configuration utility where a company can define its own metadata options to describe prospects, its own chance components, distributions by input parameter and guidance to users on correlations. This promotes consistent evaluations and the basis for prospects comparisons in PortfolioRA.

Carbon Storage Functionality in RoseRA

RoseRA focuses on Geological Carbon Storage (GCS, a synonym for CCS) by supporting the modeling of possible injection CO₂ storage mass for six different reservoir types. The input parameters contributing to the simulated CO₂ storage yield change for each of the injection reservoirs. When combined with the rock volume, RoseRA calculates the potential range of injected/sequestered CO₂ mass. Tornado charts, tabular data outputs for all inputs/outputs, dashboards, and trial-level results are presented to the user to facilitate rapid QC and further interrogation.



RoseRA runs on a standard Windows PC and requires no third-party software. Files are stored in a standard industry format readable by web-browser extensions and other tools. File simulation results can be stored and retrieved as needed.

To enable Day-1 operation, and to be able to effectively communicate prospect evaluations, RoseRA embeds concepts taught in Rose’s Risk Analysis, Prospect Evaluation and Exploration Economics and Prospect Resources Assessment – Applied courses.

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