Practical Consultation

Oil & Gas Play, Prospect & Portfolio analysis

Rose experts help companies achieve their predictive and performance goals by matching the solutions to the scope of the problem. We call it “fit-for-purpose” consulting.


Practical Consultation for Efficient Portfolio Management Implementation

We provide hands-on consultation to management teams, offering practical solutions to overcome any obstacles associated with the installation of their portfolio management system. Our expertise and guidance ensure a smooth and successful implementation process, allowing management to optimize their portfolio management practices effectively.


Unbiased Characterization and Insightful Guidance for Staff

Our team offers practical consultation services to staff members, focusing on their most challenging and intriguing plays and prospects. Through unbiased characterization, we help staff members gain a comprehensive understanding of these entities and their impact on their undrilled portfolios. Our expertise enables staff to make informed decisions and navigate their portfolios with confidence.


Performance Tracking and Results Visualization

Once drilling is complete, we offer assistance in tracking the performance of predictions made by staff and management. By comparing these predictions with the actual results achieved, we provide valuable insights and visual representations to showcase the accuracy and effectiveness of their portfolio management strategies.

Our engagements offer three key benefits:


Independent, Knowledgeable, and Unbiased Evaluation

We provide an impartial and insightful evaluation of your opportunity set, ensuring an objective assessment that enhances decision-making.


Staff Familiarization and Training

Our process includes equipping your staff with the skills and understanding necessary for objective probabilistic prospect and play assessment, empowering them to make informed choices.


Ancillary Business Applications

In addition to prospect assessment, our expertise extends to various business applications such as economic metrics, optimum working interest, portfolio optimization, monetization strategies, and post-audit techniques, bolstering the overall value of our services.

Other areas of expertise

Performance Tracking Studies

Rose also specializes in evaluating company E&P predictive performance. Such studies can reveal the nature, location and amount of bias in a company’s prospect resource and chance estimating systems, and ways to substantially reduce them. A company may then place their predictive performance in a broader perspective, relative to other major studies on file.


Acquisition and Divestment Studies

We provide baseline prospect and play resource evaluations to guide and temper negotiations associated with equity financing, acreage sales and purchases.


Exploration Audits

We now offer audits of company exploration assessment and decision-making processes, and the efficacy of a company’s chosen tool set towards effectively executing those processes. These efforts typically involve a diagnostic phase, through staff and management interviews, sample prospect evaluations and an examination of the company’s prime assessment software tools. The results are shared with the client, with specific recommendations they may wish to pursue either independently or in a corrective phase.


Expert Testimony

We have extensive experience in providing such testimony related to valuation of properties and prospects beneath acreage where ownership and attending rights are under dispute.

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