Solving Assurance issues no matter the organization size

With over 100 years of experience as members and leaders of Assurance teams within our industry, Rose consultants are uniquely qualified to assist with your Assurance issues, regardless of your organization’s size. Our Risk Coordinators Network, started in 2012, consists of over 35 companies who meet regularly to share and discuss any and all issues related to Assurance.

Other assurance services Rose provides include:

  • Create or modify your Assurance processes and documentation
  • Facilitate Peer Assist, Peer Reviews, and Technical Reviews
  • Participate as members of Assurance teams
  • Train your organization in the subsurface basics required for effective Assurance
  • Train your organization in Bias identification and mitigation
  • Provide software that effectively captures the parameters of an Assured prospect
  • Conduct Performance Tracking evaluations of drilling or production results to guide continuous process improvement
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