Cooper Basin Deep Coal 2020 Resource Assessment

Posted on January 21, 2021 by Lisa Ward

by The Deep Coal Consortium (Deep Coal Technologies Pty Ltd, Rose & Associates, and Cutlass Exploration)

The Deep Coal Consortium is pleased to announce the completion of the first systematic review of the volumetric potential of the Gidgealpa Group Coal Measures in the deep portions (>3,000 feet) of the Cooper Basin based upon detailed analysis of well data (n=1,300). The Gidgealpa Group was evaluated in ten assessment intervals based on regional well correlation.

The study provides both deterministic and probabilistic estimates of in-place and technically recoverable gas and liquids, and (for the first time) Prospective Resources. Results are presented in tabular form and as a set of maps for each assessment interval and for the Group.

Low (P90), Median (P50), and High (P10) map realizations were generated for each assessment interval and volumes were aggregated to estimate the Group resource potential. An example of one interval is shown below.

The innovative methods used to calculate the map-based uncertainty in volumetric potential are discussed in URTEC 198304-MS.

The Deep Coal Play contains world-class volumes of potentially commercial gas and condensate. This volumetric study provides a strategic spatial context for decision-making as efforts to commercialize this play accelerate in the months ahead.

In addition, the data can be used to more fully characterize specific portions of the play, such as company acreage. The Consortium can provide technical support for such customized analysis.

For details contact David Warner of DCT.

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