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Seismic Amplitude Analysis Module (SAAM)

The Seismic Amplitude Analysis Module (SAAM) is the product of a unique process capturing the best practices from numerous companies.

A consortium of companies, active since 2001, has contributed literally thousands of hours to the design and testing of SAAM. The consortium has evaluated over 330 drilled prospects to properly calibrate this product. The consortium effort is led by Henry Pettingill, Rocky Roden, and Roger Holeywell, with founding leader Mike Forrest as a consultant.

SAAM facilitates the systematic and uniform grading of amplitude anomalies. Through an innovative interview process the team answers questions about the target amplitude in relation to the geologic setting, AVO classification, data quality, rock property analysis, analogs, and potential pitfalls.

Through the consortium-derived parameter weighting system, SAAM registers the impact of the data quality and seismic observations to generate an estimated prospect chance of geologic success.

In addition to the main module, which produces a calibrated Final Pg, SAAM also has modules on CSEM and Initial Pg. A separate Toolbox offers worksheets and helpful guidance on a variety of DHI-related issues, such as volumetric parameter ranges (area and NFP), tuning, AVO Class determination, prospect tracking, and other topics.

The result:

Improved risk assessment, more-informed decisions, and a more reliable portfolio.

SAAM stores an archive of analogs and tested prospects to guide future work.

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