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Prospect Risk Analysis Utility (Toolbox)

LSi Software

Toolbox curve statisticsToolbox is LSi’s Excel-based utility package, designed to help users better understand and characterize opportunities with various tools that, in conjunction with other LSi tools, aid in systematic Risk Analysis.

Utilities Included in Toolbox:


Enhanced Plotting
  • Plots up to five (5) groups of 10,000 data points each, including labels, in log probability, linear probability, frequency, and cumulative frequency coordinate systems.
  • Choose from a wide array of curve-fit options including: lognormal, normal, beta, and polynomial distributions.
  • Apply minimum and maximum numerical clipping limits to curve-fits to better replicate unconventional data for subsequent modeling.
  • Calculate curve-fit quality statistics (r2 and ratio of means) to help identify the best curve-fits to accurately model analog datasets.
  • View quick plots of curve-fits and distribution shapes via histogram, log probability, cumulative probability, and reverse cumulative probability graphs.
  • Investigate specific analog values and curve-fits via mouse-over function.
  • Export curve-fit paired numeric values and percentiles to MMRA.
  • Build creaming curves for multiple datasets to show changes in cumulative discovery growth rates over time.

Toolbox - BETA curve fitGEF Gas, FVF Oil, and Raw Gas Shrinkage Calculation – Calculates the formation volume factor for oil reservoirs and the gas expansion factor for gas reservoirs based upon estimates of reservoir conditions and fluid composition. Estimate the shrinkage of raw gas to sales gas due to the formation of condensate.

Geometric Correction – Estimate the geometric correction factor for a gross reservoir interval for determination of the average net pay over a prospect area.

Distribution Parameters – Defines a lognormal distribution from any two input parameters.

Units Conversion – Provides a comprehensive list of common oilfield conversion factors as well as a conversion between SI and Imperial resource units.

Toolbox will provide a better understanding of analog data and contribute valuable insights into the distributions to be used for modeling your prospects resources in other LSi tools to help improve accuracy of your estimates.

To see how this valuable software tool will become an important part of your risk assessment projections, contact LSi, or simply request a trial evaluation.