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Rose & Associates Oil & Gas Prospect Play & Portfolio Software

Lognormal Solutions, Inc. (LSi), Rose & Associates, LLP’s software company, was created in April 2001 to seamlessly implement our course concepts in user-friendly tools. The LSi software tools are Microsoft® based products that closely follow the methods Rose & Associates. LLP teaches.  LSi software uses Monte Carlo simulation engines to perform resource estimation, resource aggregation, and cash flow models and provides a clear line-of-sight from data inputs to calculated outputs and charts. Our software builds efficiency, facilitates estimation and communication consistency, and helps maintain the integrity of the risk analysis implementation process.

Please click on the software titles below to learn more about these valuable tools.  If you are interested in how they will become an important part of your risk assessment forecasts and processes, please contact LSi.

Analysis Type Volumetric EUR and Chance Type Well Decline and Cash Flow Analysis For Small Companies Map-Based
Prospect Risk Analysis Multi-Method Risk Analysis (MMRA) Risk Essentials
Multi-Zone Master (MZM)
Toolbox Unconventional Rapid Assessment
Play Risk Analysis Play Risk Analysis (PlayRA) Player ©
from GIS-pax (Strategic Partner)
Portfolio Risk Analysis Portfolio Risk Analysis (PortfolioRA) Portfolio Essentials
Project Risk Analysis Project Risk Analysis (ProjectRA) UCR Essentials
Seismic Amplitude Analysis Seismic Amplitude Analysis Module (SAAM)