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Rose & Associates Oil & Gas Prospect Play & Portfolio Software

Lognormal Solutions (LS), the software company of Rose & Associates (R&A), provides software backed by some of the most knowledgeable oil & gas professionals in the business. When you buy software from us, you’re buying access to insights and experience from our personnel that’s baked into our software. We help people to intelligently apply risk analysis principles to their prospects using our software.

Our software solutions seamlessly implement our course concepts in user-friendly tools. LS software uses Monte Carlo simulation engines to perform resource estimation, resource aggregation, and cash flow models and provides a clear line-of-sight from data inputs to calculated outputs and charts. Our software builds efficiency, facilitates estimation and communication consistency, and helps maintain the integrity of the risk analysis implementation process.

Please click on the software titles below to learn more about these valuable tools. If you are interested in how they will become an important part of your risk assessment forecasts and processes, please contact LS.

  • RoseRA Prospect EUR and Chance Assessment
  • PlayRA Addresses which plays a company should invest in
  • PortfolioRA Select and evaluate alternate portfolio to meet your resource and value
  • SAAM Systematic and uniform grading of amplitude anomalies
  • Toolbox Apply powerful curve fitting techniques to analog data for building input distributios. Use handy calculators to support assessments
  • Appra Enables the management of tracking of the opportunity inventory from concept through development