About Pete

Peter R. Rose (BS, MA, PhD, Geology, University of Texas at Austin) was a certified petroleum geologist who was Staff Geologist with Shell Oil Company; Chief, Oil and Gas Branch of the U.S. Geological Survey; and Chief Geologist and Director of Frontier Exploration for Energy Reserves Group, Inc. (now BHP Petroleum (Americas), Inc.). In 1980, he established his own independent oil and gas consulting firm, Telegraph Exploration, Inc. His clients included most major U.S. companies and many prominent independents as well as many international firms and state oil companies. Dr. Rose explored for oil and gas in most North American geological provinces and has published and lectured widely on U.S. resource assessment, basin analysis, play development, prospect evaluation, and risk and uncertainty in exploration. He taught extensively at the professional level and was a 1985/1986 AAPG Distinguished Lecturer. He was deeply involved in design and implementation of comprehensive exploration risk analysis systems for executive management of many major and independent oil companies, operating in both the Domestic and International theaters. His courses emphasize the link between geoscience and making money in the business of petroleum exploration. Dr. Rose was the 1996/1997 President of the American Association of Petroleum Geologist’s Division of Professional Affairs. He received the coveted Parker Memorial Medal from the American Institute of Professional Geologists in 1998 and was awarded Honorary Membership in AAPG in 2002. He served as President of the AAPG beginning in July 2005. In 2013 he became the first American recipient of the prestigious Petroleum Group Medal of the Geological Society of London, and in 2014 AAPG honored him with its Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award. Dr. Rose passed away in December 2022.