Hedge your Bets with Risk Analysis

Posted on October 14, 2015 

It’s no secret that the oil and gas industry has been going through major shifts these past few months. Every day the possibility for big changes in trends becomes more and more likely. But just because there is room for shifts does not mean that you or your company has to be subject to the unknown. Here at Rose & Associates, we offer multiple forms of software that make predicting the future of your business easier than ever.

One of the best software options we have to offer is our Multi-Method Risk Analysis (MMRA) software. This software is designed for prospect and zone evaluation, a huge thing to consider when plotting your next move in the exploration of gas and oil. Your chances for success increase when using a risk analysis of any sort, because you eliminate the possibility of encountering issues you might otherwise have been able to avoid. This software in particular considers many things to help plot and determine your next move. With an easy-to-use and familiar Excel-based interface, understanding the software and learning how to use it will take no time at all, allowing you to maximize your potential earning power.

Because no two business plans and no two companies are alike, the MMRA software was designed with flexibility in mind. Multiple options are afforded to you, including:

  • Volumetric Methods: This option includes area, average net pay, and the recovery yield. It also has a second option that includes gross rock volume, net/gross, and the recovery yield.
  • Area vs. Depth: This is also known as the Gross Rock Volume vs. Depth. This option uses workstation-generated top reservoir area-depth pair values and a definition of the primary “shaping” variable for irregularly shaped traps or fixed fluid contacts.
  • Scenario-based: This is based on interpretations to explore multiple working hypotheses.
  • There is also an option for Resource Forecasts.

Implementing even just one of these options automatically allows you not only a better chance statistically of doing better, but it allows you peace of mind in knowing that all your decisions are educated, well-thought-out, and made with success in mind. The MMRA was built by geoscientists for geoscientists, so clients can feel secure in their estimations.