Quantifying Risk, Uncertainty and Chance in Subsurface CO₂ Storage

This 3-day course/workshop focuses on evaluating subsurface CO₂ storage complexes and risking opportunities within them. Day One focuses on those key technical aspects controlling project success and failure with an emphasis on uncertainty and risk. Day Two consists of teams evaluating case study posters to understand the real-world challenges in existing CO₂ storage projects. Day Three combines the technical and case study learnings in a Capstone exercise that includes a screening stage to identify candidates with the greatest technical potential, followed by a deeper evaluation of these to identify the candidate(s) with the greatest commercial potential.

Course / Workshop Outline

01. Key Technical Aspects

Introduction, Global Status of CCS

Reservoir properties, trapping, storage resources, and storage efficiency.

Injectivity, Containment, Storage Hazards, Monitoring, Compliance

02. Case Study Posters (4 in each category) and Risking/Staging

Saline aquifers

Depleted natural gas fields

EOR projects

Assessing risk, uncertainty and chance; applying a staged approach to CCS projects

03. Capstone exercise (in teams)

Understand the fundamentals of play-based assessment

Analyze and extract static and dynamic values from maps; build tables of key technical parameters

Screen CO₂ storage candidates using a traffic light approach

Quantify the range of storage volumes and injectivity

Estimate the chances of discovery (Pg) and development (Pd)

Calculate the economics and stress test the candidates to determine the best investment option

Who Should Attend?

This course/workshop is intended for geo-scientists, engineers, managers and others who are focused on extracting value from potential subsurface CO₂ storage reservoirs. The course emphasizes a rigorous treatment of uncertainties to identify, quantify, and mitigate the subsurface risks associated with these projects in order to make good investment decisions.

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