Comprehensive approach to consistent play, prospect, and portfolio characterization

Developed using Rose’s extensive expertise and industry knowledge in risk and resource assessment

Streamlined Portfolio Management


Appra maintains version control of risk and resource assessments, aligning with the decision-making process and enabling portfolio management. It also easily integrates with RoseRA, PortfolioRA, and other industry prospect assessment tools.





E&P companies seek consistency in characterizing their opportunities but often struggle to manage evolving data. Appra addresses this by providing a flexible software infrastructure from concept to development. Multiple assessment versions track prospect/project progress and generate internal metrics for organizational learning.



Value & Benefits


  • Secure data storage and aggregation
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Tracking and auditing of prospect estimates

Appra is developed and managed by 3GiG, an integrated technology and services company for the Oil & Gas industry, offering a Smart Process Application platform to enhance business activities.

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