Phil Conway joins R&A as VP of Client Solutions

superior, integrated methods of systematic risk analysis through courses, consultation, and software solutions in the realm of play and prospect characterization.

R&A's personal service and professional expertise
enables our clients in the E & P industry to generate 
more predictable portfolio results.
Who We Are

Rose & Associates, LLP has the best collection of global experts who
communicate clearly across multiple disciplines, organizational levels and cultures.
R&A professionals have extensive experience as explorers, developers, risk and
portfolio analysts. We utilize our expertise to understand and exceed customer
expectations. To learn more about our professional staff, please click here.

Who We Serve
  • Companies of all sizes, from Independents to Fortune 500 Oil and Gas Companies
  • National Oil Companies
  • Geoscientists, Engineers, Managers and Decision Makers
  • Investment Bankers



We offer in-house and open enrollment courses addressing prospect risk analysis, conventional play-based exploration and unconventional resource play assessment and valuation. In all of our curricula, we align probability and uncertainty concepts to the petroleum system and then make the critical linkage to business risk, generating a consistent, systematic and understandable assessment.

All courses feature abundant exercises to reinforce concepts taught, often mimicking actual investments in oil and gas ventures.


Rose & Associates focuses on client needs, building solutions to a variety of problems. Our fit-for-purpose consulting includes:

  • Exploration Prospect Assessment
  • Play-Based Exploration
  • Shale Resource Assessment
  • Economic Modeling
  • Performance Tracking
  • E & P Process and Tool Audits    
  • Expert Testimony


Our user-friendly, Microsoft-based software tools use the
methods and processes we teach to address:   

  • Prospect Definition 
  • Play Definition
  • Common Risk Segment Mapping
  • Unconventional Resource Valuation 
  • Seismic Amplitude Analysis 
  • Portfolio Aggregation 
  • Performance Tracking

Our software facilitates the assessment process, bringing consistency, efficiency and calibration for more informed
decision making and predictable portfolio management.