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Risk & Portfolio Essentials Suite

includes Risk Essentials and Portfolio Essentials

The Essentials Suite was designed for the savvy, smaller company that wishes to enhance their accountability and profitability through application of affordable, yet state-of-the-art risk analysis tools. We have extracted and enhanced the best utilities of our powerful Prospect Risk Analysis Suite and Portfolio Risk Analysis (Rollup) software packages, and combined them into a suite of two applications for a fraction of the price.

The first application, Risk Essentials, provides stochastic prospect risk analysis modeling, dual-zone aggregation capabilities, and a handy toolbox for analyzing analog data.

With the companion Portfolio Essentials application, you have the option to import information directly from Risk Essentials’ evaluations of your prospects or to hand-enter salient data about those prospects. A proprietary Monte Carlo simulation engine then combines each prospect’s Resource Estimate, Chance of Geologic Success, Commercial Threshold, and Company Working Interest Data to determine the Chance of Portfolio Success, and the Geologic and Commercial Resources forecast to be discovered by the portfolio.

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