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Risk Essentials

RE Prod Area DistThe Essentials Suite (including Risk Essentials and Portfolio Essentials) is designed for the savvy, smaller company that wishes to enhance their accountability and profitability through application of affordable, state-of-the-art risk analysis tools. Utilizing the proven capabilities of our powerful, more complex Prospect Risk Analysis Suite software application, we have distilled the basic, but crucial, risk analysis processes into Risk Essentials for a fraction of the process.

Risk Essentials provides stochastic prospect risk analysis modeling, dual-zone aggregation, and a handy log probability plotter for analyzing analog data.

Easy Data Entry and Reality Checking of Inputs

RE resultsBased on the assumption of lognormal distributions, enter input values for the primary variables contributing to prospect resources.  Use the simple but effective application of reality checks for geological and engineering boundary conditions to ensure the modeled variables represent all the possible outcomes.  In addition, there are handy pop up guides for consistent estimating, multiple zone analysis plus wizards to capture components contributing to average net pay or hydrocarbon recovery yield.

A clear, simple yet proven probability process leads to the chance for a discovery capable of sustained flow. Incorporate chance dependence between multiple zones.  Eliminate confusion about geologic discovery probability via an industry best practice probability matrix designed to generate more consistent chance factor estimation.

Two-zone analysis and aggregation is available with the click of a button.  Since we cultivate the latest VBA capabilities within Excel, there is no need to purchase an add-in program.

RE 2 zoneAnalog Data Analysis

Up to 500 data points can be analyzed and fit with a lognormal distribution to begin the modeling.  This data can be transferred directly to input variables or used as an override resource output.

Clear Outputs for Economic Analysis and Decision Making

The calculated resource distribution and a user-specified fiscal threshold permit a clear portrayal of your opportunity for subsequent economic evaluation. Simulated resources and chance of success estimates are shown in easy-to-read graphics and tables.

Risk Essentials provides an elegant, affordable way to probabilistically characterize your company’s drilling opportunities.

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