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Project Resources Assessment – Applied

This pragmatic three-day course consists of lectures and hands-on exercises to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of methods that can be used for the calculation of prospective resources and estimation of prospect chance of success. It can be presented in-person or virtually.

The course is intended as a follow-up of the Rose & Associates flagship or QGR training course. However, it can be considered as a stand-alone training course if the course participants have prior experience assessing prospect resources and chance. The first modules address fundamentals, serving as a basis for the exercises. Toward the end, more complex methods (such as aggregation, correction for downdip well position, etc.) are addressed.

Exercises are proposed to the students at the end of most of the chapters. These involve the use of RoseRA software and the associated Toolbox, the use of which will be explained prior to the exercises – bearing in mind that the course is not a formal course about how to use this software.

Who should attend:        Geoscientists and engineers involved in prospect assessment.

Course Description (PDF)

Course Outline

Module Chapter
Day 1: Fundamentals Introduction
Resource calculation methods
Estimates & reality checks
Prospect Resources Size of the container
Reservoir parameters
Day 2: Prospect Resources Yield parameters
Prospect Chance Chance (probability of success)
Segments & Aggregation Segments & aggregation
Day 3: End of the Assessment Prospect economics
Performance tracking
Capstone Capstone exercise