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Play Based Exploration & Quantitative Play Mapping

Rose and Associates offer a unique, content- and exercise-rich, fun course that touches on all aspects of Play Based Exploration (PBE). Play-based exploration reflects a growing, fundamental shift in exploration focus to where plays, not prospects become the basic unit of exploration decision-making.

We advocate making fully quantitative play maps (rather than ‘traffic light maps’) since these maps provide much more powerful information to guide exploration strategy and improve prospect assessments. This course teaches all the concepts and methods needed to make such maps in a consistent way.

LONDON, UK | JUN 8-9, 2017


  • Basin analysis, and global basin characteristics
  • Statistics and risk analysis concepts
  • Defining play boundaries
  • Managing the segmenting of plays
  • Treatment of chance – plays vs. prospects
  • Common Risk Segment mapping
  • Data issues and Key Well analysis
  • Calculating remaining undiscovered potential
  • Field size data – pitfalls for predicting the future
  • Risk Analysis for plays


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