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How the Internet of Things Is Reimagining the Oil Patch

Advances in the tech field have revolutionized the way companies extract and process oil in the energy industry. From new methods of drilling for shale oil to advanced oil and gas reserves evaluation, these technologies are allowing greater productivity and profitability for local and global companies. The emergence of mobile devices and advanced computing systems has also increased the popularity and availability of smart technology designed to streamline various processes and to capitalize on developments in the Internet of Things.

What Is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things, often referred to as the IoT, is a general term used to describe the interconnection of many smaller devices to create a networked system. Smart thermostats, security systems and lighting solutions are all commonly used in American homes and are among the most basic building blocks of the IoT. By automating the control processes for these devices, end users can enjoy greater convenience and increased options for monitoring and maintaining key systems in their homes and businesses.

Automating the Energy Industry

The same technologies used to create home automation systems are now finding their way into the oil and gas drilling and refining industries. By networking temperature controls, sensors and monitoring systems, drilling crews and managers can derive a much more comprehensive picture of the state of operations on the ground. Linking this data to the evaluation of leads and prospects may even provide added information on likely returns on investment for various drilling sites. Integrating networked monitors and control systems can enhance safety and increase potential profitability for companies in the oil and gas extraction and refining fields.

Increased Need for Skilled Labor

The automation of drilling sites made possible by these networked systems will increase demand for highly educated workers with the skills and knowledge to monitor and interpret computer data accurately. Advanced petroleum economics training will also be required for employees responsible for decision making in the oilfield environment. Companies that adapt to this new operational paradigm are more likely to succeed in the highly competitive and fast-paced energy industry.

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