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    Lisa Ward

    Hi All,
    I currently occupy the roles Chief Geophysicist and Head of Assurance for Exploration.
    I’m just wondering how many other companies have a similar structure or do most keep assurance and skillpool managers completely separate? We are 165 geoscientists (61 geophysicists) for comparison.
    We have a team of six in a Subsurface Functional Excellence and Assurance team comprising Chief Geophysicist (manager), Chief Geologist, Geology and Geophysics advisors, two more junior staff on rotation – they do 1 year secondments into the assurance team and we also have a shared admin resource.
    How many companies have their chiefs (Chief Geologist and Geophysicist) as part of their assurance teams?
    And how many of those companies have their Chief Geophysicist as the Head of the Assurance team – like me?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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